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Redflex Traffic Systems was embroiled in a $2 million bribery scandal in Chicago last year, and one of their top execs, Aaron Rosenberg, was fired amidst the scandal. Now, he's working with the feds to expose how the company has been regularly bribing city officials across the nation to encourage them to install stop light camera systems. The Resident (aka Lori Harfenist) discusses. Follow The Resident at


For ProPublica Research Group

When you get an iffy County profit-generating 'red-light-robot' ticket from San Mateo in Northern California you might notice a name on that ticket: "Brian Peagler" "ID # 1391" The San Francisco Chronicle newspaper investigators have been following the career of a cop name Brian Peagler who, they suggest, uses his digital photography skills to blackmail fellow police officials. According to the Chronicle's top reporters:

The San Francisco Police Commission convened the oddest closed-door session we've ever heard of the other night. The subject: some hot romance in the parking lot of a Millbrae strip mall.

It all started when San Francisco police gang task force Officer Brian Peagler stopped for a soda at a Millbrae convenience store after work a couple of Fridays back.

Much to his surprise, Peagler allegedly spotted San Francisco's top police watchdog -- Kevin Allen, head of Office of Citizens Complaints -- locked in an R-rated embrace with an unidentified woman in a parking lot.

Peagler, who lives close by, raced home, grabbed his camera and -- with his San Francisco deputy district attorney wife in tow -- returned to the parking lot, where he pulled up and called out Allen's name.

As the stunned Allen turned, Peagler started snapping away, apparently in the hope of getting some kind of "gotcha" on the watchdog.

The next morning, Peagler was on the phone to his lieutenant describing every detail of what he considered "lewd and lascivious" conduct on Allen's part. (By all accounts, Allen and the woman were fully clothed.)

By Monday, policeman-turned-paparazzo Peagler had written up a detailed internal memo and left it -- along with accompanying pictures -- for his captain.

Needless to say, the radioactive report shot up the department's chain of command. The next thing you know, police Chief Heather Fong was consulting members of the Police Commission about what to do -- or what not to do -- with such a politically touchy piece of intrigue.

Hence the special Police Commission session, where after little more than a half-hour behind closed doors Wednesday night, commissioners concluded that there was nothing much to the story -- and that the whole matter should be dropped.

Police Commission member Peter Keane said confidentiality rules prevented him from saying much about the photo flap, but he stood firmly by watchdog Allen.

"I've seen nothing, nor have any of my colleagues, that indicate we should have anything but complete confidence in Kevin Allen doing a good job, " Keane said. "In my opinion, Kevin Allen is the best OCC director we have had."

Allen told us he has not been privy to either the report or the pictures. Though he acknowledged kissing the woman in the parking lot, he made it clear that things were being blown out of proportion. "Someone is out there spreading unfounded allegations against me," he said, "and I reminded them they should really be careful about libel and slander laws."

Reached Friday, the photo-snapping Peagler insisted he acted entirely appropriately in reporting Allen -- and this was by no means some kind of personal grudge match.

"Just the opposite," Peagler said. "He's treated me completely fairly in the past."

Peagler emphasized that he did not go looking to find dirt on Allen, but said he simply couldn't ignore what he saw during his "happenstance" encounter in the parking lot.

"It was a question of lewd and lascivious conduct ... a blatant public display of affection," Peagler said. "I just felt it had to be documented because as public officials -- as police officers -- we are held to a certain standard.

"And if a man is judging us in ... OCC situations, is this man's decision- making sound or unsound?"

Chief Fong said Peagler had acted properly, at least as far as notifying his bosses of what he saw.

"When members of the department become aware of something they believe may be misconduct or there may be a criminal incident, we have a responsibility to notify our superior officers about that," she said.

At the same time, Fong said she did the only thing she could do in turning the matter over to the Police Commission.

"Director Allen does not work for me," she said. "He works for and reports to the Police Commission."

For their part, leaders of the Police Officers Association -- which is constantly battling the Office of Citizen Complaints -- have tried to distance themselves from the whole mess.

"In no way were we fueling this thing," POA President Gary Delagnes said, responding to accusations from some commissioners that union members were helping drive the story. "We are not into blackmail."

For the sake of discussion it may not matter if this is THAT Brian Peagler. If it is THAT Peagler, Police officials might well question why a guy that blackmails the police with digital photography is working on the digital photography program that involves the public.

Let's say there was a bad operative in the red light robot program. Did you know that the company that runs the red light program for San Mateo: RedFlex, is under nation-wide charges of domestic spying, selling your data to marketing companies, Google, Facebook, the NSA and the DEA?

Have you seen all of the lawsuits that Redflex has gotten itself, and the counties it scams itself into, served with?


Texas Appeals Court Slaps Down Redflex In Class Action Suit

10 Oct 2017 ... A Louisiana motorist who received a $75 red light camera ticket in the mail from a Texas town while he was 200 miles away will now be allowed to proceed with a $130 million class action lawsuit. James H. Watson is charging Redflex Traffic Systems, Southlake's red light camera vendor, with fraud.
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Redflex to pay $20 million to Chicago to settle lawsuit over red-light ...

8 Mar 2018Redflex to pay $20 million to Chicago to settle lawsuit over red-light camera ... According to a ...
google cached proxied[...]awsuit-settled-met-20170206-story.html

5 Oct 2017 ... REDFLEX TRAFFIC SYSTEMS INC APPELLANT v. ... This case began when Watson filed his class action lawsuit on April 23, 2015, in the ...
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Suit against Gretna, Redflex over traffic camera tickets seeks class ...

27 Apr 2016 ... A Monroe law firm has filed a lawsuit in state district court in Jefferson Parish seeking class-action status against the city of Gretna and ...
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Red-Light Ticket Co. Can't Stop $130M Class Action - Law360

6 Oct 2017 ... Red-light ticketing outfit Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. can't avoid a $130 million class action challenging the constitutionality of fining drivers ...
google cached proxied[...]ticket-co-can-t-stop-130m-class-action
Chicago's Lawsuit Against Redflex Settled for $20M Following Red ...

6 Feb 2017 ... Chicago has settled its lawsuit against the beleaguered Redflex Traffic Systems for $20 million, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Monday.
google cached proxied[...]ed-Light-Camera-Scandal-412901723.html
Red light camera company settles class action lawsuit in ...

18 Mar 2016 ... Red light camera company settles class action lawsuit in ... However, the Arizona company, Redflex Traffic Systems, which operated the ...
google cached proxied[...]uit-in-albuquerque-for-3-5m/1019897523
Traffic camera firm to pay Chicago $20 mln after bribery scheme ...

6 Feb 2017 ... Redflex Traffic Systems Inc previously operated Chicago's red-light ... Redflex Holdings Ltd, ends Chicago's civil lawsuit accusing the firm of ...
google cached proxied[...]mln-after-bribery-scheme-idUSKBN15L26I
Motorist gets green light to sue red light camera company | The ...

12 Oct 2017 ... The anti-SLAPP law seeks to prevent “strategic lawsuits against public ... “But for the sale of Redflex's services to the city of Southlake, services that ... them to conduct traffic engineering studies prior to implementation — Sen.
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Red Light Camera Maker Named in Class Action Suit - NBC Bay Area

21 Feb 2012 ... Redflex operates nearly all Bay Area red light cameras.
google cached proxied[...]ed-in-Class-Action-Suit-139924643.html

Texas Federal Court Dismisses Class Action …

27 Mar 2009 ... Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc., the largest provider of photo enforcement ... Court has dismissed in its entirety a class action lawsuit against the ...
bing google cached proxied[...]l-Court-Dismisses-Class-Action-Lawsuit

Case opinion for TX Court of Appeals REDFLEX TRAFFIC SYSTEMS INC APPELLANT v. JAMES WATSON APPELLEE. Read the Court's full decision on FindLaw.
bing cached proxied - Information about Redflex and photo enforcement ...

Suit against Gretna, Redflex over traffic camera tickets seeks class-action status. Apr 26, 2016 | The Advocate | Article Excerpts: A Monroe law firm has filed a ...
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Redflex sues Farragut over new traffic camera …

Redflex, based in Phoenix, says it has contracts with eight other Tennessee municipalities for traffic camera services and that 14 additional municipalities across the state, including Knoxville, Chattanooga and Memphis, have contracts with other traffic camera vendors that are affected by the law.
bing cached proxied[...]camera-law-ep-402560042-357389741.html
ATS Loses Traffic Camera Court Battle Against …

ATS Loses Traffic Camera Court Battle Against Redflex Battle between two largest traffic camera companies ends with victory for the Australian firm.
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Washington Court Dismisses Class Action Lawsuit against Redflex ...

4 Mar 2010 ... Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc., the largest provider of automated ... in its entirety a putative class action lawsuit against the company alleging that ...
google cached proxied[...]Dismisses-Class-Action-Lawsuit-Redflex
Red Light Camera Operator in Middle of …

RedFlex Traffic Systems is once again in the news. This time the Australian red light camera operator is in the middle of an employment discrimination lawsuit in which the United States office of RedFlex is accused of harboring an anti-Australian bias.
bing cached proxied[...]-operator-in-middle-of-another-lawsuit
Settlement reached in red-light camera class action suit -

28 Dec 2012 ... A separate class-action suit is pending against Redflex Traffic Systems, vendor for cameras in Newark, Edison, New Brunswick, Cherry Hill, ...
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Redflex stories at Techdirt.

28 Mar 2017 ... Citizens don't care much for red light/traffic cameras. ..... thinking about now turning this into a class action lawsuit against various municipalities ...
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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Redflex in …

On Thursday, a class action lawsuit was filed against Chicago's former red light camera vendor, Redflex Traffic Systems. "For what?" you ask? Well, the first (or second) word that popped into your mind as soon as you read "Chicago" is correct: bribery.
bing cached proxied[...]-against-redflex-in-chicago-1607325395
Traffic Camera Firm Settles Albuquerque Lawsuit for $3.5M ...

21 Mar 2016 ... The red light camera company, Redflex Traffic Systems, is settling a ... According to the $3.5 million class-action settlement, pre-recorded ...
google cached proxied[...]g=00000157-6bd8-dfbe-a35f-ffdcc7490000
Redflex Traffic Systems Enters into Non …

CHICAGO — The Department of Justice and the United States Attorney’s Offices for the Northern District of Illinois and the Southern District of Ohio (collectively, “DOJ”) have entered into a Non-Prosecution Agreement with Redflex Traffic Systems Inc., a Phoenix-based automated safety company.
bing cached proxied[...]on-prosecution-agreement-united-states
Traffic Cameras in Alabama City 'Unconstitutional' According to ...

13 Feb 2017 ... According to the complaint, Redflex's camera systems, which photograph the license plate of vehicles running stop signs, creates a situation in ...
google cached proxied[...]-unconstitutional-according-to-lawsuit
Motorist gets green light to sue red light camera …

The court gave no credit to any of the arguments presented by Redflex, but the judges expressed no opinion on the underlying merits of the lawsuit. Red light cameras have long been controversial in Texas and in many other states, too.
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Redflex Holdings - Wikipedia

Redflex Holdings provides vehicle monitoring and enforcement services for government, police, and traffic departments globally ... On 20 February, Redflex terminated Rosenberg and filed a lawsuit against him alleging "dishonest and ...
google cached proxied
Chicago Sues Company Over Corrupt Red Light …

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration has sued Chicago's former red light camera operator, Redflex Traffic Systems, for more than $300 million on grounds the entire program was built on a $2 million ...
bing cached proxied[...]ety/tns-chicago-red-light-lawsuit.html
Photo Radar Scam - News About Automated Law Enforcement ...

Town Council voted not to renew the photo radar contract with Global Traffic ... Suit against Gretna, Redflex over traffic camera tickets seeks class-action status.
google cached proxied
3 Private Companies Making Money from Red …

Redflex Traffic Systems Phoenix, Arizona-based Redflex is second after ATS, Inc. as a provider of red light cameras, with more than 2,000 of the devices placed in cities across the United States and Canada.
bing cached proxied[...]mpanies-making-money-red-light-tickets

Redlex ships your data off to the DEA. The Drug Enforcement Administration skirted numerous legal checks on a trio of bulk data collection programs dating back to the early 1990s, according to an internal watchdog. In a heavily redacted, 144-page report published Thursday, the Justice Department Inspector General revealed the administration failed to fully assess the legal basis for three massive international surveillance operations that ran largely unchecked from 1992 to 2013. Two of the programs remain active in some form today.

Under one initiative, which investigators called “Program A,” the administration used “non-target specific” subpoenas to force multiple telecom providers to provide metadata on every phone call made from the U.S. to as many as 116 countries with “a nexus to drugs.” Investigators found some companies also provided the officials with data on all calls made between those foreign countries.

If ANY Brian Peagler at RedFlex/San Mateo gets a call from someone that does not like you, like a Senator or a Google campaign financier, he can, with a few mouse clicks, hunt down your face, name, address and vehicle anywhere in the USA and follow you, on camera, until your vehicle does something that is not quite a kosher-looking and put a $500 to $1000.00 fine on you, ruin your car insurance records and double your insurance premiums.

Redflex is said to sell it;s data to domestic commercial spy companies Booz Allen, Axciom and many others, in direct violation of the public's constitutional rights.

Redflex came to San Mateo and said: "Let us pad your treasury", but all that Redflex may have done for San Mateo is drag them into tens of millions of dollars of losses in class action lawsuits over the abuse of the public!


Who will be next to be caught up in Redflex’s scandalous wake and find themselves nursing door knob inflicted bruises on their rear end?

Redflex already admitted it on their investor call, “There will be other geographies where bribery was taking place.”

Geographies was an interesting choice of words by the new Redflex EVP. Could that “geography” be Phoenix…. or could it be ARIZONA? That’s right DPS, we’re looking your way.

chicago crushes redflex

Where else is the bribery happening? Redflex says their shoddy internal investigation has uncovered two other locations, but of course that’s just a cover story. Of course there are more than two and it’s hard to imagine that bribery isn’t just standard operating procedure at Redflex.

So, where else has bribery happened? It has to be in Arizona, though there is no publicly available evidence to back it up, yet.

If you’re a politician you have two choices.

Choice A: Continue to run for cover and deny, deny deny. Then go to bed every night just hoping on top of hope that your name is never revealed. Have fun with that nightmare.

Choice B: Spill the beans on your cohorts before they do the same thing to you. It will make your involvement seem miniscule and may actually propel your career. Be the one who tells the truth about the Redflex scam and see your stock skyrocket.

It’s a pretty easy choice to make, but of course Arizona legislators like Rep. Karen Fann, Rep. Sonny Borrelli, Rep. Victoria Steele and Rep. Juan Escamilla choose to run for cover because they prefer cowardice to valor.

Meanwhile in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Chandler, El Mirage, Prescott Valley and everywhere else that Redflex has left their stain, the city council members are hiding under their desks and silent.

REDFLEX insiders can use "DEEP FAKE" video technology and NVIDIA AI (,news-28869.html ) to change vehicle activity and drivers faces.


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